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Meet the Team

What is DunkSpace?

DunkSpace is an online marketplace where you can find qualified coaches, trainers, officials, teams, clubs, training camps, and tournaments, etc. Compare schedules from different service providers, read reviews from other athletes/parents, and register online. It’s super easy!


Ashley Chow


Alex Chow






Our Story

As youth athletes, we know first hand how hard it used to be to plan our basketball training, camps, and activities. We got tired of word-of-mouth referrals, calling to check availability, filling out endless paper registration forms, and handing paper checks! We decided that shopping for basketball activities should be just as easy as shopping online for books, toys, or shoes. We want to turn our idea into a working business.

In 2018, we launched DunkSpace.com, a friendly online marketplace that lists hundreds of basketball coaches, trainers, officials, teams, leagues, clubs, training camps, and tournaments, etc. We focused on the Los Angeles area at first, and hope to soon expand nationally. One day, families across the country will be using our site to discover existing and new service providers, read reviews, check schedules, and register online.

We hope DunkSpace makes your planning easier, too. Welcome!

Ashley & Alex @DunkSpace.com

Our Mission:

Give athletes easy access to a rich diversity of basketball activities that propel them to be successful and accomplished in their life and career pursuits. Help service providers stay focused on what they are passionate about. Enable parents to spend more quality time with their children.

Our Vision:

Organize all things related to basketball activities. Offer parents, athletes, and service providers all the necessary tools and assistance to help discover learning opportunities that ignite their unique gifts and passion.

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