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Frequently Asked Questions

DunkSpace® is an online marketplace where you can find qualified coaches, trainers, officials, teams, clubs, training camps, and tournaments, etc. Compare schedules from different service providers, read reviews from other athletes/parents, and register online. It’s super easy!

By visiting any page on dunkspace.com, you understand that “Business” content may be encountered that is not suitable for children. You must be at least 13 years of age.

Register and login to your new account. Then click “Add Listing.”

Simply because you signed up on our site! Click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email, and you’ll never hear from us again.

Once in a blue moon we’ll get a review that discusses illegal activity or other actions by an accountant or client that isn’t in strict compliance with your local tax authority. If you find such a review, please click on “Report this review” and it will be reviewed promptly by our moderation staff. We take pride in listing professionals, services, events, jobs, and products that are 100% compliant with the laws of their respected states and countries.

A review may be deleted if…
It is blatantly negative and bashing
Mentions another advertiser by name
Addresses other reviewers or reviews
It’s not really a review
Reviews may be edited at the discretion of DunkSpace Moderators
Comments are at the discretion of Dunkspace Moderators and do not follow the same guidelines as reviews

Absolutely NOT! Reviews of DunkSpace sponsors and non-sponsors are treated identically and any complaints are handled by the same moderation staff, operating under the same guidelines and terms as above.

As you realize, negative reviews are a normal part of doing business (what company has never had an upset customer?), and you shouldn’t be surprised to find an occasional negative review on your listing page. While it’s important to look for patterns in your reviews (bad advise, problematic schedulings, long wait times, etc…), you should take any individual perspective with a grain of salt.

DunkSpace ranks are based on an algorithm that provides the BEST results based on a number of different factors, including: number or reviews, popularity, star rating and the text of the reviews themselves. We continuously improve our search results to deliver the most relevant local results to our users. That’s why the rankings change often!

No. It’s not ok to write multiple reviews from multiple accounts for the same listing. We delete multiple accounts when we see them.

Advertisers are real people too and sometimes they’d like to reach out to the people who have reviewed their business. We’ve created a feature that allows business owners to privately message those who have reviewed their business. If you’d prefer not to be contacted by business owners, you may change your profile settings.

Reviews are an important feature of DunkSpace.com and we take them very seriously. Reviews (positive or negative) will not be removed at the request of Advertisers. Reviews can only be removed or edited if the review is in clear violation of DunkSpace.com review policy. If there is no evidence of a review violation and/or if the decision of the DunkSpace.com moderation staff is that the review is in compliance, then the review will not be removed. Review of advertisers and non-advertisers, regardless of status, are treated identically and objectively using the same guidelines and terms.

Note: An Advertiser submitting reviews for other Advertisers listings is a violation of our review policy. Evidence of such can result in expulsion or suspension from our site. Review “padding” is not allowed. Padding occurs when an Advertiser or it’s employee(s) submits a review of the Advertisers own listing. Review “padding” can result in expulsion or suspension at the sole discretion of DunkSpace.com.

Advertiser understands and acknowledges the review guidelines set forth at DunkSpace.com. Advertiser agrees that having a paid listing does not give Advertiser the ability to have its reviews removed. Advertiser understands that violation of review policies can result in expulsion or suspension from the site. Advertiser also agrees no refunds will be processed for advertisers expelled or suspended from DunkSpace.com for review policy violations.

Rarely. But in some cases a member of the DunkSpace moderation staff will remove or edit a review (and will typically email the writer to let them know) if it doesn’t follow these guidelines:

Conflicts of interest. Your reviews should be unbiased and objective. If there’s any hint of a conflict, please don’t post the review. For example, owners shouldn’t sing the praises of their own businesses (professional, event, job, product or service) or bash their competitors or other business listings and users shouldn’t comment on their current or former employers.

Second-hand experiences, hearsay or you’ve never been. For example, you can’t give a co-op a bad review because your friend complained about some bad advise. Or you can’t review an accounting firm that your friend got their recommendation from. Your reviews must be about your personal experiences, not someone else’s. If you haven’t been used any accounting service, you can’t accurately rate it, and if you haven’t received any accounting advise you have nothing to review.

Personal attacks. We can handle strong language, but there’s no need for lewdness, hate speech and other displays of bigotry. Your friends probably know when you’re being funny, but the thousands of people who read reviews on DunkSpace.com may not.

Relevance. Reviews aren’t the place for rants about a business’s employment practices, political ideologies, or other matters that don’t address the core of the normal customer experience.

Plagiarism. Use your own words to tell us about your experience with a local accounting professional or business, but don’t lift something from another website. Blank reviews. A review without text is like a fish without water. Don’t be shy, use that smart noggin and write!

User Review Verification: If a review is reported to our moderation staff as potentially fraudulent (i.e., a malicious review from a competitor or a planted review from an ex-employee) and the Author’s authenticity is in question due to limited activity and/or inconsistent activity as determined by the DunkSpace.com moderation department, then the moderation department can moderate/un-publish any review in question pending user verification. Reviews with unverified authors will be deleted from system after 30 days of original verification request. We are under no obligation to enforce the Terms of Service on your behalf against another user. While we encourage you to let us know if you believe another user has violated the Terms of Service, we reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate action at our sole discretion.

Reviews should be useful, funny and cool because people like you take the time to share thoughtful insights on local sports professionals and their services. The best reviews are personal and experiential, and tend to offer helpful suggestions, perhaps even an insider tip or two. The most useful reviews sometimes make mention of unique qualities that make the sports professionals special or the type of person who might also like to do business with them. You can now write a review update when you have a new experience to share about a business or service, but updating with only a re-hash of your original experience isn’t useful, funny, or cool.

DunkSpace.com and its affiliates (the “Company” or “We”) affirms that it does not perform any due diligence on any information, ownership or content on any of the Company’s clients or customers. The Company makes no claims as to the authenticity of third party information. The Company does not require verification or inspection of products or services provided, verification or state or local licensing status, and/or accuracy of information provided by clients, customers and/or third parties. The Company does not endorse, approve, certify, or control third party content and does not guarantee or assume responsibility for the accuracy of content provided by any third party. Information is provided for the convenience of site users and any claims or reference to listed accounting professionals and firms’ legal status have not been verified.